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Why GBR ??

GBR is a total Freight Forwarding Organization (FFO) aiming to be a one stop shop for all your Freight Forwarding needs. At GBR, We aim at building a Worry free world for our clients as far as their Freight Forwarding needs are concerned.

a. GBR maintains a competitive & economic price without compromising on the quality of services offered by it. For customers who are committed to GBR, GBR has moved Cargo on published rates even in peak seasons.

b. GBR has put in Place a differential freight rate structure based on faster realization.

c. GBR has a record of Time bound deliveries - "Peace of mind for customer once cargo is being handled by GBR". GBR offers Faster & Efficient Service

d. GBR focuses on understanding a customers unique Freight Forwarding Requirements and offers a contemporary, relevant, purposeful & customized solutions.

e. Value added services - GBR offers a host of Value added services to clients like total Freight Forwarding Consultancy at every step of Cargo Movement, Turnkey operations, Home deliveries & Documentation

Some of the Value Based Services offered by GBR ( Case - by - Case basis)

Undertaking liaisoning with the concerned Government authorities
Undertaking export Inspections of Cargo
Undertaking Turnkey Freight Forwarding Project handling
Undertaking Priority booking with Shipping Lines & Air lines
Obtaining / Completing DGFT Licence Formalities on behalf of clients
Obtaining Cargo Insurance, Cargo Crating & packaging
Offering Door to Door Cargo Pickup & Delivery round the clock - time bound
Offering ANYTIME, ANYWHERE cargo tracking & servicing through its website
Imparting Total Freight Forwarding Operation Consultancy

f. GBR has strong knowledge of Industries, Operations & functions it operates in.

g. GBR has strong knowledge of Customs Formalities & Procedures, EXIM laws, Banking rules, treaties, conventions etc. governing International trade, Freight Forwarding and contacts with authorities dealing in the same.

h. GBR has strong Documentation Skills, Crisis handling skills, Negotiation skills with an accent on strong people & Process Management.


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